Xello / EDP

Michigan launched a new Career Development Model (CDM) at the end of 2018, designed to provide K-12 students with the knowledge and skills needed to make successful career decisions and foster lifelong learning. In order to meet the Michigan CDM requirements, our school utilizes Xello, an online college and career planning program, to help students create their own unique roadmap for future success.

Starting in the 7th grade, students begin developing their Educational Development Plan or EDP in Xello that includes their career goals, career options, course selections, and a talent portfolio. Each year students review and update their EDP and complete grade-specific lessons in Xello to introduce them to new career exploration and preparation concepts. Students are encouraged to log in to their Xello account on a regular basis, both at school and at home to share their EDP with their parents and family and to explore all the features the program offers.

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Post-secondary Education Options

It is our goal that EVERY student will graduate with a postsecondary plan that includes education or training beyond high school to earn a postsecondary credential. We define “college” as any post-secondary education that results in the attainment of a credential, including professional/technical certificates and academic degrees. These include specialized training after high school, an industry-recognized certification, an apprenticeship, an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a graduate degree.

The training a student needs to be successful in a career they love can take many forms, but they are all considered “college”. Simply put, postsecondary education or “college” is a prerequisite to success in a knowledge-based economy.

The 5 postsecondary/college options available to students are the following:

2 and 4-year colleges


MI Apprenticeship:

Roadtrip Nation: Skill Powered:

Military options:

First-Generation College Students

First-Generation College Students: