Superintendent's Message

Pathway to Success Coordinator

Ms. Julie Essad is the new Marlette Community Schools' Pathway to Success Coordinator,.  She is being shared 50-50 between Marlette Elementary School and Brown City Elementary School.  The two districts already collaborate by sharing a College Access Network Advisor at the secondary level, so it was a great fit to expand the partnership to the elementary schools with this program.  Ms. Essad’s position in being funded by the Sanilac County Department of Human Services. 

Marlette Community Schools is excited by the opportunity to host a Pathways to Success Coordinator for the first time.  Ms. Essad, in partnership with the school, will track attendance each week and assist in working to reduce the absences and tardies of students.  She will be working with the Marlette Elementary School staff to plan creative ways to increase attendance.  An example may include awards for students meeting attendance goals, such as popcorn, ice cream, etc.

If students are not in school, they are not learning.  Ultimately, workplace attendance is often similar to school attendance.  Marlette Community Schools has listened to its local businesses and knows that improved attendance at school will benefit the community for years to come.

Ms. Essad will also continue to assist families with the traditional roles assigned to her, to include assisting families with benefits such as cash assistance, the Bridge Card, child care, etc.  She will be at Marlette Elementary School on Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday while spending Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday at Brown City Elementary School.